Custom Incentive Solutions

When you care as much about your employees and partners, as you do about their performance.

What We Do

nCentix creates & manages custom incentive programs that motivate your employees & partners, strengthen your brand loyalty and drive better bottom-line results.

We’re looking for partners who value relationships as much as we do. Whether you’re new to an incentives program or need to breath new life into an existing one, nCentix is a long-term, trusted partner you can count on.

We naturally root for the underdog, but no matter your size or industry, we’re capable of executing a successful program that’s unique to you.

Contact us and let us get started designing a unique program for you for free.


Health and Wellness

Companies understand more than ever the benefits of preventative health and wellness efforts.

Workplace Safety

Sometimes an issue is too important to be left to just posters and a few meetings.

Sales and Distribution

Who doesn’t want more sales? It’s the lifeblood of every company. So what to do when you feel like you’ve stretched your sales people and your distributor relationships as far as you can?

Employee Recognition

Competition for the best talent has never been higher and pressure on the bottom-line never goes away.

How We Do It

It’s pretty simple ….we focus on you.

nCentix studies your goals, your culture, your people and your history and use that understanding to recommend custom programs that deliver added results for you and your participants.  Your incentive programs should be as unique and special as your company and work as hard as you do at delivering results.

Our programs clearly communicate your goals, genuinely encourage and support progress, and enthusiastically celebrate achieving and exceeding those goals. And we never stop optimizing to
maximize your results.  

Success is converted into a common currency of points, providing participants maximum flexibility in realizing dreams as unique as they.  With millions of merchandise options, the ability to convert straight to cash and our incredibly popular ‘concierge’ service, virtually any dream is within their reach.

Contact us and let’s get started designing a unique program for you for free.